Discover The Magic of EFT for Bullying


How to change your emotional response to Bullying.  Aimed at the 7-11 year age bracket this book gives children a coping mechanism, with the ability to take control of what can feel like a hopeless or helpless situation.  FREE National Shipping (New Zealand)
Voted as Best Instructional Book in 2104 by Shelf Unbound and  Amazon No.1 in Parent & Child category of the same year. 

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This award winning book also ranked No.1 on Amazon in the parents & child section, effectively demonstrates how to change the emotional response to Bullying. 

Aimed at the 7-11 years age bracket, for parents, teachers or caregivers, this book could equally be used for anyone that experiences bullying. 

It contains a story about a young girl called Jessica who is being bullied at school, and is afraid to tell anyone in case it makes everything worse.   The whole thing is making her feel sick, she cannot concentrate and doesn’t want to go to school,  until her mom shows her a magical way to change how she feels.

Although the story is fictional, the situation described is growing increasingly more common, and the magic that mom shows Jessica can be long lasting. 

This book introduces children and their supporters to a highly effective technique called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.  EFT is a quick, easy and simple tool that can effectively help children change their emotional response to bullying. 

EFT involves lightly tapping with the fingers on a series of points around the head and upper body, while using specific wording.  Described in the story as magical, the benefits are real.  This book gives children the opportunity to do something, a coping mechanism, with the ability to take control of what can often feel like a hopeless or helpless situation, 

Offering tap-along guides aimed at the four major types of bullying:  verbal bullying, intimidating or covert bullying, cyber-bullying, and physical bullying.  A chart and guide to the tapping points helps readers quickly and easily learn the EFT process, and a Feelings Thermometer helps to measure the child’s progress and a wide selection of words and phrases that can help children identify their feelings.  This easy to follow instructional book will soon have you and your child tapping along. 

Once children are familiar with the technique it becomes a tool for life which they can return to over and over for many situations.  This simple, easy technique can help transform them from being a victim, to being the architect of their own life with the power  to choose, or change, how they feel and react to any experience they may encounter.

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