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Providing a wide range of natural services 

Rezonate offers results based treatments with an integrated and proactive approach to wellness, combining western and eastern medicine that aims to identify the root cause of discomfort or distress. 

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Our comprehensive range of natural services are designed to support you at every stage of your health, wellness or spiritual journey.  

We can tailor programs to your specific needs with advanced treatments from Body & Mind, Spiritual Services and Wholistic Coaching, proactively working with you as the whole person, not just your symptoms.


Whether you have an immediate need or are looking to treat yourself to some much needed self-care, our leading edge treatments are offered with results in mind.

We have moved to a gorgeous new rural location approximately 1 hour from central Wellington (New Zealand), as well as working from the Levin Health Hub on Wednesdays, from 17th Jan 2024.

There is no change to our very powerful ONLINE and DISTANT services worldwide, which can be scheduled outside of our standard hours, if needed. 

YouTube Video's

Our You Tube channel offers many FREE self-help videos, teaching and learnings with multiple playlists. 

do Grounding Sheets Work?

We wanted to see if the hype around grounding sheets was valid, so we tested it out for ourselves. 

If you are thinking about purchasing one, please watch this video.

We personally recommend Grounded Kiwi for all your earthing products. 


What is a Frequency Reading

This BRAND NEW method of reading is a complete game changer, as not only does it CONNECT quicker, but can CLEAR blockages creating a breakthrough in Oracle Card Readings.

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Legal Medical Disclaimer Information and statements made with this website, and all other associated literature are for wellbeing, lifestyle and educational purposes. Rezonate Wellness Centre do not claim to medically diagnose, dispense medical advice nor prescribe medication. The team at the Rezonate Wellness Centre are wellbeing specialists who focus’ on their specific scope of practice. In all instances, if you have a medical condition we recommend that you consult with your chosen doctor or medical professional.

If you love what we do and would like to share your experience with others, we would love to have your feedback.  Thank you  

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