Unlock your potential

Do you dream of being very successful and want to improve your career or financial status yet struggle with the glass ceiling effect?  Do you wish you had more clients but hold back on reaching out for fear of public speaking or lack of confidence?   Are your ambitions bigger than your actions?

A new wave of self-help is on the increase as many life and business coaches are realising the immense potential of this technique called EFT, pronounced E.F.T which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques otherwise known as ‘Tapping’. It is being used around the world to teach professionals how to quickly release stress, anxiety, self-doubt or procrastination; to become a confident public speaker or to help them achieve bigger and better.

EFT is considered to be one of the best self-help tools on the market and you can easily learn to do for yourself, on the spot, to instantly change your response to a situation.

Many people testify to EFT working to break down barriers to create better relationships and helping them take positive action towards success and removing money blocks.

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?

EFT Tapping has been around for approximately 25 years and is gaining worldwide attention in many areas of life, Governments are looking at this for health issues; it is being used in schools to help with exam stress, on the sports field to increase performance; in VA centres to help veterans suffering from PTSD and helping businesses to achieve.  It is being discovered that there is no area where EFT cannot be used.

It is used by celebrities, coaches, therapists, psychologists, hypnotherapists, counsellors, every day people in everyday life. A form of EFT is used by one of the largest entrepreneurs of our time in his fly without fear program.  Anyone can use EFT.

The American Psychological Association endorses the legitimacy of EFT along with MD’s and neurologists, and science is now examining the claims made by EFT enthusiasts. The top personal performance coaches in the world, such as Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins also endorse EFT as a way of quickly and easily clearing blocks to success.

Its’ beauty is in its’ quickness and simplicity, but that’s also where some of the doubt comes in, that’s it is too simple to work effectively; however, those that use EFT know that statement to be completely untrue.  Used correctly EFT can work very quickly.

EFT has been known to clear bad habits and limiting beliefs within a few hours, leaving you to confidently implement the positive models of success exhibited by other highly successful people.

How does EFT Work?

EFT has its roots within acupuncture but uses no needles, instead you use your fingers to lightly tap on certain points of the face and upper body.  Yes, it may look strange, but no stranger than acupuncture did many years ago, and it works whether you believe in it or not.

Some say that EFT is mind over matter or positive thinking, but it is neither of those things, and if you have blocks to success, positive thinking will have limited effect as you can only achieve as far as your limiting beliefs take you.  EFT helps you to dissolve the barriers to naturally move you to a new comfort zone.

Your thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy and trying to control them can be a minefield.  By using EFT to tap on points of the body while thinking about something or experiencing sensations such as fear, anxiety or stress, stimulates a response in the body that has been proven to switch off the fight or flight response which reduces or removes these negative feelings.

EFT helps to rebalance and restore the body to help the mind think more rationally and logically, so where decisions are hard to make, EFT can help to gain clarity, and if you are anxious about public speaking, tapping on the points while you focus on how you feel will reduce the anxiety or negative self-talk to allow you to speak more confidently to your audience.

The medical field says that 80% of illness has a stress related component, and as tapping has been noted to reduce the cortisol associated with stress within minutes, this naturally relates to an increase in health and performance.

Using Tapping to Create Wealth

Blocks around money can impact the success of a business. The anxiety felt on where the next sale may come from or if there is enough cash flow to run the marketing campaign can create stress, fear or frustration which can trigger limiting beliefs around money and stop the money from coming in.  It can be a relentless cycle.

If you could address and clear the angst this could offset the money worries and give your business the freedom to grow, and by addressing the worries on the inside, the outside can have the opportunity to flourish.

EFT tapping will not spontaneously create a pot of money at the end of the rainbow, but it will give you the freedom from negative thoughts and help to create a natural inner resilience to reach higher as you release yourself from fears to allow the creativity to flow with a positive mental attitude that confidently takes your business to the next level.

With so much time http://www.dev.free-yourself.co/contact/spent on business coaching, entrepreneurs are always looking to find quicker and better ways to achieve over and above their competition, and this technique could just give you the edge, but will tapping for success work for you?

Debby is a Master EFT Trainer and runs training courses online and in person for Entrepreneurs to help them overcome their blocks to success.  She also offers a specific coaching program to help you get out of your own way and achieve your goals.  Contact Debby for more information.