Shamanic Healing with Spirit Animal

This extremely powerful and unique modality has been gifted to Ron who channels a Native American Chief to offer energy healing while making a request to connect with your Spirit Animal to provide relevant messages to you.

Ron uses his hands to energetically scan your energy body for disturbances and works with the guidance of the Chief to clear, restore and rebalance your energetic or physical body.

A Spirit Animal is one that gives you messages that you need to know at that time.

A Power Animal is one that you can call on to harness their power in any needed situation, for example, should you need the courage of a lion, you may call upon the power of the lion to lend you it’s courage.

A Totem Animal is more like your spirit guide, it is with you throughout life.  It is considered best to request someone else to provide you with the knowledge of your power animal.  You will know it is correct as you will have very similar traits as this animal.

What Can It Treat?

Clients often book this treatment for healing a specific ailment, such as pain, or to discover their spirit animal with its’ messages.

What Do Clients Usually Experience?

Clients are usually amazed at the power of the healing, the deep resonant vibration of the drum and the accuracy of the messages from their spirit animal.

Some have made positive life changes as a result of this message.

For example, a client received a badger as her power animal which told her that she needed to be seen in her business.  She took the message from the badger and made some adjustments which raised her business profile which generated more income.

What Happens In An Appointment?

During this session, Ron works within a sacred space and invites your spirit animal to step forward to convey its messages to you.  This message can be a catalyst for profound insights, guidance, and change.

A powerful Native American inspired drum is used that deeply vibrates the cells in your body for a powerful cleansing, relaxing and healing experience. Other shamanic inspired instruments are also used.

Costs And How To Book

Appointments are for one hour and are offered by Ron on Saturdays only

Cost: $65

Payment can be made by cash or EFTPOS.

You can make an appointment online using this link Book Online, reach us on 021 800 293 or via our Contact Form

For your own comfort, please dress is loose, comfortable clothing, and avoid strong perfumes where possible.

DISCLAIMERThe services are based on vibrational sound as healing and are not to be considered medicinal treatments. They do not attempt to diagnose and should be considered complementary to other traditional treatments of disease or illness provided by your GP or licensed medicinal practitioner.  Always consult your GP for all any medical concerns or questions.

Why Book With Ron

Ron is a powerful and intuitively guided healer that has studied Shamanism, although he is not considered a “Shaman”.

He is attuned to Reiki, Fire Reiki, and trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping, Meta-Medicine, and Dimensional Healing.
Ron has a grounded and gentle nature and is deeply connected with our Earth.

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