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Children love Tapping, as used in EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques. and usually respond very quickly to using it.  Tapping can be used for any age, but how you use it may require a different approach.

EFT is considered to be one of the fastest growing techniques.  Using the fingers to lightly tap on specific points of the face, hands and upper body has been proven to reduce the negative charge of emotions or thoughts allowing them to become more balanced. This can result in children sleeping better, having more confidence or being more focused to do better in school.

Some refer to EFT as Tapping, however, from our perspective the two they are quite different.  Emotional Freedom Techniques belongs within Energy Psychology, and requires years of in-depth training and is recommended that you work with a suitably trained and qualified professional.

Tapping is easily learned as it excludes the deep emotional aspect.

Debby is highly qualified EFT Master Practitioner/Trainer, with 20 years experience

hand on chin showing tapping for children
kid with thumbs up

We are pleased to be offer the following services, when booking please select from one of these options: –

A GUIDANCE SESSION, for parents, guardians or care-givers of children on how to use Tapping with your own child. 

A PERSONAL SESSION, where we work directly with you and your child.

Sessions can be Online or In Person – please confirm your preference when booking.

This method has also successfully been used with instances of bullying.  We would like to invite you to check out Debby’s award winning book on this topic, Discover the Magic of EFT for Bullying

For any questions, please contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

Making tapping fun will encourage children to want to use it.  This tap-along video demonstrates a simple, fun, method to allow children to calm down before bedtime.

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