Spiritual Coaching

Life purpose or direction


Holistic Coaching

This unique service consists of four appointments of 1 hour each, for awakening and spiritual development where we work with you for self discovery and empowerment,  as you align with your divine purpose in life and connect with your authentic higher self to find meaning and direction.

This is more than spiritual life coaching, it can include energy healing and identifying & clearing limiting beliefs to help reveal your own path, on your spiritual journey, leading to a deeper understanding and fulfilment.

If you are you stuck or frustrated about not knowing your purpose in life or feel that you have a gift but do not know how to utilise it, this is for you.

By working with a spiritual coach, you may discover:

  • Deepening your intuition and inner guidance
  • Healing and transformation
  • Identifying your purpose in life
  • Manifesting your best life by harnessing the law of attraction
  • and much more…

All guidance is conducted within a high vibrational frequency of love and compassion.

Spiritual Life Coaching

The focus of this four week spiritual guidance and healing program is about self-discovery and awakening leading to spiritual growth aimed at identifying your own path.

This can include guidance on how to read oracle cards.

Available in person, online with some distant sessions if required.


Available in-person or online, Worldwide

Full payment must be received before the first appointment.



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