Sound Healing

The medicine of the future


Sound Healing

Using many forms of sound healing instruments, such as tuning forks, Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, drums etc., sound therapy treatment can naturally create altered states of consciousness which allows the brainwave pattern to naturally change to a more receptive state, encouraging the body to be more open to healing.

There are many benefits of sound healing; it has been proven to create Nitric Oxide in the body which reduce stress, calms the vagus nerve and integral nervous system which can result in deep relaxation and the decreased risk of associated stress related conditions.

It can work with almost any condition within:

  • physical pain
  • mind and emotional health
  • spiritual wellbeing

It works on the basis that each condition has a specific frequency pattern (wave form) that can be detected using vibrational instruments. This frequency pattern contains information that can be translated, if need be, for higher learning or understanding.

The sounds vibration of the instruments further connect with the frequency to help smooth or dissolve the disruptive or chaotic sound wave and change it to become more structured and coherent, which results in you feeling more positive.

Sound Healing
Sound Wave

This can be a very private, no talk treatment where no personal information needs to be divulged yet deep clearing can still happen.

If you are unsure what to treatment to book from what we offer, choose Sound Healing and let us know in the intake form what you would like to focus on.

Sound Healing Sessions can be In person or Distant by our sound healing practitioners – Worldwide, please let us know your preference when booking.


An audio recording will be provided for all distant sessions for you to listen back to as needed.

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