Sound Healing

The medicine of the future


Sound Healing

Explore the transformative power of sound therapy with an array of healing instruments, including tuning forks, Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, drums, and more.

Discover the myriad benefits of sound healing, scientifically shown to stimulate Nitric Oxide production, reducing stress and promoting relaxation by soothing the vagus nerve and integral nervous system. This holistic approach can alleviate stress-related conditions, offering profound benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Sound therapy can addresses a broad spectrum of conditions, encompassing physical pain, emotional balance, and spiritual harmony.

By detecting and interacting with the specific frequency patterns associated with each condition, vibrational instruments can help to change the pattern to create a natural shift in consciousness that guides your body into a receptive state and openness to healing.  It can also offer insights for higher understanding and personal growth.

These instruments can promoting coherence, leading to a deep sense of positivity and well-being.

Sound Healing
Sound Wave

Sound Therapy for mind and emotional condition can be a very private, no talk treatment where no personal information needs to be divulged, yet deep clearing can still happen.

If you are unsure what to treatment to book, from our wide range of services, choose Sound Healing and let us know what you would like to focus on.

Sound Therapy Sessions can be In person or Distant for almost any condition.

An audio recording is provided for all distant sessions for you to listen back to as often needed.

When booking, please confirm if you would like an in person or distant session, via our brief intake form.

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