Metaphysical Holistic Coaching

For those who are serious about personal transformation


Holistic Coaching

This unique service goes beyond traditional coaching.

Completed over 8 weeks (sessions), it integrates both metaphysical, holistic, spiritual & quantum perspectives, along with a wide range of services and techniques to open up your innate potential, encouraging you to expand both your inner and outer awareness to create positive, lasting change.

Looking at life from the soul level, we take you on a journey that allows you to connect with you own higher consciousness energy, and that of source, to reveal, heal and create your new reality.

This may include: –

  • Identify hidden beliefs and create new, more empowering ones.
  • Discover how to fully align your energy to create the life you desire.
  • Explore infinite possibilities through the quantum field.
  • Empower you to self-heal using your body’s built in guidance system.

This may assist to:

  • Raise your personal vibration.
  • Be in alignment with your soul purpose.
  • Become more connected with source energy.
  • Achieve your dreams.

Services can include: Intuitive guidance;  Inner/Outer child work;  Ancestral or Past Life clearing;  Working within the quantum field;  Exercises to increase your personal vibration, and more…


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