Quantum Holographic Healing

For past, ancestral or dimensional healing to reveal and clear life patterns


Spiritual Services

Do you have patterns or issues that regardless of what you do, cannot be resolved?

This quantum healing service delves deep into life patterns, habits, beliefs or any area that is causing you distress or discomfort in any way. It connects with past life, ancestral or multi-dimensional information that is stored within your cellular memory, quantum field or holographic resonance body.

Once relevant events are identified of what, how, when and where, they are relayed to you to allow you to clearly see where your patterns originated from. These can then be cleared from your quantum, vibrational field, which means that you are more easily able to change your response.

It can also mean that generational patterns can also be dissolved to allow for peace of mind and ease within yourself and the opportunity to welcome in more happiness.

These in-depth sessions are facilitated from a safe place of love and compassion, and only bring through learnings and clearings.

Using sound, frequency and vibration to access information held within your holographic resonance field.  This modality can work with any condition manifesting as Physical, Spiritual, Mental or Emotional.

Quantum Holographic Dimensional Healing

These sessions are available in person or distant worldwide where clients have reported receiving profound insights and enlightenment, and regularly remark on the depth and clarity of insight that comes through.

A distant session means that we do not need to speak or connect in any way other than you stating your intention.   You will be required to be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, interrupted or distracted.  If your time zone means that you would be asleep, that is perfect timing.

A full audio recording is provided for both In person and Distant sessions.

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To find out more about this unique modality, we encourage you to listen to the explanation video.

Available In Person and Distant WORLDWIDE.

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