Frequency Reading with Clearing

A breakthrough in oracle card readings


Spiritual Services

Having been a oracle card reader for 45 years, Debby has swapped tarot card reading with the frequency of tuning forks.

This intuitive method of divination provides spiritual insights and personal guidance with an added benefit of clearing stuck patterns.

This type of oracle reading penetrates to a deep layer of vision to help you gain clarity and more understanding of situations and where they originate from.

As the sound instrument connects with your energy field, Debby interprets the information and relays messages to you for valuable insights relative to your question, allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom that can create “Ah-Ha” moments for growth and learning.

Frequency reading
Reading using Frequency

This is Debby’s own modality based on her decades of experience as a card reader and sound healer.

Appointments are available In Person or Online via Zoom (there is no need for you to have your video on)

You may ask any question that you would ask any reader, being aware that a lot of information can come through within just 30 minutes.

Please note that this is not a psychic reading and does not connect with passed over loved ones.

Each session comes with a FREE audio recording.

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