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Effectively change your emotional response


Mind & Emotional Health

Change your emotional response safely and quickly using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  This non-invasive method has been proven to change how you feel about something without having to delve deep into the issue.

It uses numerous tapping points located on the upper body. By lightly tapping on these points with the fingers and the use of specific wording, it targets negative emotions or thoughts allowing you to become less triggered and more balanced.

This results in thinking and feeling differently about that situation.

Some refer to EFT as Tapping, however, from our perspective when comparing EFT the two are quite different.  Emotional Freedom Techniques uses tapping (as do many other modalities) and is best worked with a health professional suitably trained and qualified in Emotional Freedom Techniques.

We consider Tapping to be stand alone as it does not consider the emotional aspectsTapping is easily learned whereas Emotional Freedom Techniques requires in depth training.

Debby is highly qualified in EFT/Tapping, being a Master EFT Practitioner/Trainer with over 20 years experience.

EFT is becoming strongly backed by real science. These treatments are further empowered with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is the safe use of language or images to make rapid change.

Tapping has been proven to reduce Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone which calms the nervous system.  It is excellent to use within situations or events that you would rather not revisit or talk about, and is considered to be one of the best self-help tools in the world.

Children love Tapping,  It can safely be used in times of school stressors such as exams or incidents of bullying.

It has successfully been used to treat and support: 

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Grief
  • Fears
  • Confidence
  • Bullying

and much more!

Tap along with this instructional video on how to relieve Anxiety.

Also view many more tapping video’s within our YouTube playlists.

Tapping sessions can be In person or Online via Zoom.


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