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Classroom Terms & Conditions of Hire (known as The Namaste Room)

Registered Office: 16/17 Lindale Village, Lindale Drive, Paraparaumu, 5032.



Rezonate Wellness Centre Limited (“RWCL”, or “we”, or “our”, or “us”, or “The Centre”) is a wellness centre at 16/17 Lindale Village, Lindale Drive, Paraparaumu, 5036. We house five treatment rooms and a workshop/classroom. 


The Centre is a collaborative and cooperative space for client focused practitioners (“Practitioners”), offering an integrated and proactive approach to wellness, combining western and eastern medicine services, treatments, programs, classes, and support with personalized programs tailored to the clients wants and needs.  We also offer a designated workshop/classroom to hire.


This Classroom Terms and Conditions of Hire (“Terms and Conditions”, or “Terms”) is solely for our workshop/classroom which includes the use of the kitchen/break out area and toilets (”The Classroom”).  The Classroom is available to the general public to hire which can be an individual, company or sole trader (The Hirer).  The Room is not suitable for parties.


This document is in effect from 5th May 2021.


The Room is approximately 9m x 4m. The hours of hire are between 7:30am and 10:00pm Monday to Sunday.  Hire of The Room includes fair use of the kitchen/break out area and toilets.


The Room can be hired as available, by an hourly rate at a minimum hire of one and a half hours (1.5 hours) or as a block time booking.  A discount is given for regular hire of four or more consecutive bookings. The Hirer is responsible for their room set up and take down therefore, when booking The Hirer is to allow for this time.


The block booking time periods are stated below.  These are for those that need that specific amount of time for their event.   


Morning: 7:30am – 12:00pm 

Afternoon: 12:30pm – 5:00pm 

Evening: 5:30pm – 10:00pm 


Combined 7:30am – 5:00pm 

12:30pm – 10:00pm 


All Day: 7:30am – 10:00pm


The Room can be used for workshops, classes, talks, day retreats or similar events, covering any topic with the exceptions of: – See Conditions of Hire.  Rates are based on a per hour or block of time.


The Centre can offer the option of listing your event on our website event calendar where we can promote your event through our website, social media pages, network, and other channels. RWCL can also accept payment on your behalf with online reservations.   We reserve the right to charge a fee for these additional services. 

    1. This Agreement applies to all Hirers that rent The Classroom and agrees to be bound by this Agreement. 
    2. The Hirer agrees: to take due care of the building, fixtures and fittings and, at the end of each hire session The Hirer must ensure that The Classroom, Kitchen and Breakout area is left in the condition by which it was found. 
    3. A penalty may be applied to The Hirer who leaves The Centre in an unsatisfactory state.
    4. Where The Room is found to be in an unsatisfactory state upon arrival, The Hirer is to inform RWCL immediately.  
    5. Where a bond has been paid, RWCL reserve the right to retain all or part of that bond where any damage has been caused by lack of care. RWC also reserve the right to seek reimbursement for such damage.
    6. When a Hirer is vacating The Room and another Hirer is entering, there is to be a respectful crossover period between outgoing and incoming Hirers. 
    7. All Hirers hiring The Classroom and facilities are responsible for knowing and following all relevant rules and legislation
    8. The Hirer is responsible for information their attendees and guests of all rules, responsibilities, and legislation.

    1. The minimum hire is per 1.5 hours or one set block of time.  A discount is given for regular hirers who make of four or bookings for the same event.
    2. The Hirer must: hire the room for permitted use only.
    3. Permitted use includes, but is not limited to, meetings, workshops, classes, training, talks and quiet social gatherings based around all things related to Wellness.
    4. Non-permitted use includes, but is not limited to, illicit, illegal, unlawful, or lewd acts, for example, no drugs, drinking or sexual activities or related topics.
    5. The Hirer must: be respectful of RWCL property, all clients, guests, practitioners undertaking treatments, and nearby tenants of Lindale Village and must keep all noise to the minimum expected for the service being undertaken.
    6. Smoking is banned within or near The Centre.
    7. Alcohol is banned within or near The Centre.
    8. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that they themselves, and none of their guests or clients, cause any damage to The Centre or RWCL property.
    9. In the event of any damage to The Centre or The Centre’s equipment that occurs as a direct result of The Hirer, their guests or clients, The Hirer agrees to make good at their own cost.
    10. The Hirer indemnifies RWC for any damage or loss to any property brought into The Centre by the Hirer, their guests, or clients. 
    11. The Hirer acknowledge that RWCL does not carry any insurance that protects the Hirer in any claim for accident, injury or damage arising out of the action or negligence of the hirer or their guests or clients. It is recommended that The Hirer obtains their own Public Liability insurance in relation to any damage that may be caused to RWCL property. 
    12. The Hirer is responsible for the maintenance of good order throughout the time of hire and keeping their area clean, tidy and hazard free.
    13. The Hirer must: clean up after themselves prior to vacating which may mean: –
  1. stack the chairs, 
  2. put equipment away,
  3. sweep or vacuum the floor,
  4. empty the bin,
  5. change linen,
  6. tidy the kitchen & breakout area,
  7. undertake any other task that is needed to ensure that the area is clean and tidy for the next hirer to come in, as they found it themselves.


Hireage of The Room includes the following: –

  1. Running costs such as lease, electricity and maintenance.
  2. Respectful use of kitchen facilities and break out area.
  3. Use of equipment such as tables, chairs. Note that projector hire will incur additional costs.
  4. Security/alarm monitoring.



The Room, the Hirer must: –

  1. When vacating the Room, The Hirer must: check that all heaters or fans are turned off. 
  2. When vacating the Room, The Hirer must: check that all lights are turned off.
  3. When vacating the Room, The Hirer must: check that all windows are closed.
  4. When vacating the Room, The Hirer must: check that all doors are securely locked.
  5. Evening hirers must: vacate the premises by 10:30pm as the security alarm is automatically set to come on at this time.  Any costs associated with the trigger of an unwarranted security callout will be charged back to The Hirer.
  6. Where the Hirer has been entrusted with a key to The Centre, they must ensure that the key is kept safe at all times with no distinguishing marks of what the key belongs to.  
  7. No duplication of a key is permitted to be taken. 
  8. Where The Hirer has lost the key, a $40 fee will be charged for issuing a new key.
  9. A log of all keys issued is kept by RWCL and updated on a regular basis.
  10. When the hire is no longer required the key must be returned to RWCL.


To book The Room check on our website for available times. 

Click on the Booking Enquiry form and complete the required details.


Alternatively, send an email to with the following information.


  1. Your Name
  2. Physical Address
  3. Email address
  4. Contact Number
  5. Day(s) of Hire
  6. Date(s) of Hire
  7. Start and End time(s) (to include set up and take down)
  8. Reason for Hire
  9. Expected number of delegates
  10. Additional Services required


For full details of what data we hold, and what we do with your information, see our Privacy Policy.  https://rezonatewellnesscentre/privacy-policy   

    1. Where classes, workshops, or other events (Event) require clients to register or pay in advance, RWC can offer a service of listing The Hirers Event on the RWC Website and promoting the Event through RWC Social Media channels and on external signage at The Centre. A fee may be charged for this service.
    2. RWC will make all best endeavours to promote and receive bookings on behalf of The Hirer but cannot guarantee that bookings will be received as a result of our efforts.
    3. A projector is available to hire at an additional cost.

    1. RWCL will invoice The Hirer for the time period booked and any additional services.
    2. Payment is due within the time period stated, this can be before the event.
    3. Failure to pay within the designated time could result in no further bookings being made until the account has been fully paid.
    4. Where The Hirer has recurring bookings, payment can be made by automatic bank transfer.
    5. No cancellation fee will be applied to one week or more notice period of cancellation of the room hire.  For periods of 6 days or less a cancellation fee may be applied.

    1. The hirer must: adhere to all Health & Safety rules and regulations at all times.
    2. The hirer must: make their guests and clients aware of emergency exits and evacuation procedures.
    3. The Hirer is responsible for keeping The Classroom and associated areas free from all hazards.
    4. Any incident, hazard, injury, or event is to be reported to RWC within 24 hours. 
    5. The Hirer must: keep a record of any incidents, hazards, injuries, or events that occur while at The Centre.
    6. In the event of an emergency, the Hirer is to call 111 in the first instance and inform RWC within 24 hours.
    7. All exit doors must be kept free from obstruction.

    1. We may change these Terms at any time and, unless stated otherwise, any change takes effect immediately. 
    2. A notice of the new Terms will be emailed to all current Hirers and placed on the Website. You are responsible for ensuring that you are familiar with the latest Terms, and by continuing to hire The Room you are taken to agree to be bound by the changed Terms.



If you have any questions or comments about these Terms and Conditions, contact us at: –

Rezonate Wellness Centre Limited

16/17 Lindale Village

Lindale Drive

Paraparaumu 5032

(04) 595 6990 



I confirm that I have read, understood, agree and accept all the above Terms and Conditions of Hire.




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Organisation: (where relevant): …………………………………………………………………………………………….


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