Here is Debby’s story, in her own words:

We all have our stories about our lives and how we got to this point in time.  This site tells Debby’s personal story.  More than that, it shows how Debby can help you.

Although I was born with the natural ability to read energies, and was reading cards and working with the vibration of crystals from as early as the age of 11, I am a natural skeptic, which makes me question and validate all that I do and work with, either by the results and feedback from my own clients or from others I know & trust.

Being different has had it drawbacks, and as a result I was seriously bullied from early childhood, which followed me through school, into work and into relationships.

I have suffered from social anxiety and had such an intense fear of flying that I ran off what was to be a twenty-minute flight, just as the doors were closing. I grew up in a lower socio-economic environment on the wrong side of the street with the constant reminder of children should be seen and not heard and being told how shy I was, with the added reinforcement that people that come from the street I grew up on, never amount to much.

All these experiences have taken me on an amazing voyage of discovery which allows me to remain humble and have genuine compassion & understanding, united with an expanded view of vibrational energy.

A personal message from Debby

Why Choose Debby?

One of the most important aspects of selecting any practitioner is in getting along with them. That’s why it is good to have many people using the same strategies as one person will resonate with you more than the other.

We should also choose someone based on their knowledge, skills and experience.  This site provides a detailed list of my studies, certificates, qualifications and experience, which dates back some 45 years.

Create the life you dreamed of with Debby

Based on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, Debby can provide a FREE no-obligation chat and offers a money back guarantee for any Personal Treatments.  Should you receive absolutely no benefit at all during your first session, she will refund you.

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