About readings

Since the age of eleven, oracle card reading has been one of my early natural gifts.  I have read for many hundreds of people, in person, via email or via video chat.  I have numerous decks, including the Raider-Waite tarot cards, various Angel and Sacred Geometry cards, along with others which are used as guided.

A recent client from the USA had this to say: –

Debby Emeny utilize divination cards to assist her in connecting with her and her clients angels and guides. Often times, the answers that come to her might be through the use of the cards, but the messages she receives are much more than the representation of the card, and at times will be much different than the card might be saying. She is always on point as she brings a lot of healing and guidance.

For me personally I have always seen the cards as a doorway to connect with higher dimensions to bring you clarity and answers to the questions you seek.  I am totally genuine with what I see, hear, sense and know, and will provide information that is for your highest good.

If required, all readings can come with a FREE audio of your session.

What happens in a reading

I do not usually ask what you want enlightenment about nor anything else about your situation.

I will usually ask you to select the deck you want to use, shuffle the cards, split the pack into three piles and select one.    If the reading is via video chat, then I will do this for you at your guidance.

I turn the cards over in the format guided and will interpret their meaning as given to me.

Your input is needed on my interpretation.  If you wish to just nod yes or no, then the reading will be very one dimensional, by giving some of your feedback to confirm if what I am picking up is correct, it allows me to form a stronger connection.

Costs and how to book

Readings are $55 NZD for approx. 45 minutes and can just as easily be done in person or video chat.

Payment is required prior to the reading which can be recorded at no extra cost if required.

You can reach me via my contact form, mobile or social media.