About Past Life / Ancestral Clearing

No one knows for absolute certainty if we have lived past lives or had incarnations in other times. The only potential proof is that, every now and then, a child comes along that claims to have been a fighter pilot (for example) and will know everything about the squadron, the people etc., which, upon investigation turns out to be true. But is that really a past life? I don’t know the answer – but adopt a very open What-If mindset which allows all possibilities to present themselves.

Some people may know quite a lot about their ancestors, but for most the furthest they can go back is two generations, but still not know the details of who they really were or their life experiences.

Within this treatment I use my own modality, Dimensional Healing, to connect with your ancestors or past lives which can provide fascinating insights and clarity surrounding habits, likes or dislikes, beliefs and other areas that are not working in your life today.

Once identified, the negative energy surrounding these can be cleared, which can also mean that ancestral habits are not passed onto future generations, allowing you the freedom to feel more at peace and ease with yourself and to welcome in more happiness and success.

These treatments are done from a safe place of love and compassion, only bringing through the wisdom and learnings from these connections.

These treatments can successfully be completed as Distant Healing, where a full audio recording is provided

What Can It Work With?

Dimensional Healing for Past/Ancestral Clearing has successfully been used, across the world, for: –

  • Physical ailments
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Emotional clearing
  • Intrigue on past or ancestral connections

 There is nothing that cannot be considered. Your ancestors or past lives can vibrationally hold many of the answers you seek to clear.

There have also been times where an ancestral past live has shown itself, which means that (for example) you may have previously been your great, great aunt.  This brings in a completely new dimension of thinking and working.

What Do Clients Usually Experience?

All clients so far have been blown away by this experience, be it an in person or distant session. Many have reported pain leaving and not coming back and receiving deep mental clarity to things that they could not have otherwise found.

Client Testimonials have this to say:

Essex – England:  I have had pain in my lower back and hips for as long as I can remember. This was relieved immediately and not returned since.  Vicky – England

Manawatu – New Zealand:  I couldn’t be more blown away by the experience, I feel very light and free from the heaviness and coping with life has been like water off a ducks back.  Lita – Manawatu – New Zealand

Wellington – New Zealand: The session was amazing! Totally related to everything you said, it was spot on! I could really feel the vibration of the instruments in my body. Past life soul integration makes complete sense.   Elaine – Wellington – New Zealand

Christchurch – New Zealand:  After my session, stubborn pain I had been experiencing for months diminished by 80%. Debby accessed a past life which was instrumentally linked to current life experiences.  Margy – Christchurch – New Zealand

New Jersey – USAI was skeptical about this and thought it would be a waste of time, but intrigue won. I was blown away with the recording, there was no way she could have known about these things, it makes total sense. I feel so much better and was sure I could feel it working at the time, my body felt hot in some areas.  I recommend giving it a try.  Chrissy – New Jersey – USA

What Happens In Appointment?

All sessions are conducted from a safe place of love and compassion.  Each session is totally unique, regardless of how many sessions you may have.

Initially, you need to determine what you would like to clear or know about, for example lacking confidence, releasing pain, finding a better connection to source etc.

In person – you will remain fully clothed and will be asked to lay on a comfortable treatment table with a blanket over you, should you wish.

In a distant session, you will be asked to relax in a quiet place for an hour, somewhere where you are unlikely to be disturbed.  If the time zone means that you are asleep at the time of the session, that is absolutely fine.  You will receive the recording upon waking.  I will request your holographic energy body to come onto the treatment table where I work in exactly the same way as if you were physically there.   I do not need a photograph, nor to physically speak with you at all.  If requested, crystals and other vibrational artefacts can be placed on the treatment table to power up the session.

Vibration and sound instruments are used to access your energy field, these can be standard or crystal tuning forks of many different frequencies, shamanic inspired drums, singing bowls, rattles etc.  I tune into your vibrational holographic body, and ask to be shown any ancestral or past life events relating to what is intended.

Within a few moments, something is usually shown to me which starts the dialogue.  An in person session can often becomes a discussion between us as I constantly sense and relay the information to you, while accessing and clearing the energies using selected vibrational instruments. The session ends with a general clearing, balancing and grounding.

In a distant session you receive an audio recording with frequent narration of what is felt, seen or heard and exactly where in the body I am working, for example, on the corner of your left shoulder, or at the bottom of your right foot.  Narration continues, leaving space for you to listen to the sounds which you can intend to bring into your body while listening to the recording.  You may listen to the recording as often as needed.  Some clients have reported further insights and clearings with repeated listening.

During the session (or on the audio file)  there may be instructions on how to safely communicate with your ancestor or past life to obtain your own learnings, which is always done with love and compassion.  A valuable aspect of an Ancestral/Past Life Dimensional Healing session is in returning a past life back to source, which can be a beautiful experience.

Q & A

How do you know what you find is real?  To be honest I don’t.  I adopt a completely open, non-judgmental, What-If mindset that allows all possibilities to come through.  I have been shown what could be some crazy things, which upon relaying to the client made perfect sense.

Do you see death and is this traumatic? Yes I have seen the point of death for some and No it is not traumatic at all.  I usually see what happened at the end of a previous life, but do not focus on that, only what caused it.  For example, if a previous life ended by drowning it is possible that you may have a fear of water, in which case you would come to understand where that came from and I work to clear the energy around it so it no longer bothers you.

Are you Psychic?  I make no claims at all to being psychic. However, I am shown images, hear words, am giving may songs, feel and sense energies and have a strong sense of knowing.

Are distant session via video?  No.  I do not need to speak with you at all for Ancestral/Past Life Dimensional Healing sessions. I only need to know what you want to focus on, and your email to send you the audio recording.

Costs and How To Book and Pay

Cost: $85 NZD

To make an appointment click on this link Book Online, message us on 021800293 or reach us via our Contact Form

For an in-person session, please dress is loose, comfortable clothing and avoid strong perfumes where possible.

Payment can be online or in person, by *eftpos, cash or credit card.

Please note that in-person credit card payments carry a small fee, there is no fee for online credit card payments.

DISCLAIMERThe services are based on vibrational sound as healing and are not to be considered medicinal treatments. They do not attempt to diagnose and should be considered complementary to other traditional treatments of disease or illness provided by your GP or licensed medicinal practitioner.  Always consult your GP for any medical concerns or questions.

Why Book With Debby

Debby’s mission is to rebalance your body in becoming pain free, de-stressed and help you to feel better about yourself; and treats you as a whole individual person, not just the condition.  

Her background is as an IT Data and Business Analyst, which means that she always looks for the science to support her treatments.  She is both very grounded and very aware of how energy & vibration affects the world around us. 

Her experience and qualifications includes, but is not limited to, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-Tapping), Diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate in Nutrition, Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function, Musco-Skeletal Anatomy, and Vibration Fascia Release Techniques (VFRT). See Qualifications & Memberships for a full list of Debby’s experience.

Debby has a caring and compassionate nature, being gifted in helping to bring about swift personal transformation, supported by testimonials from many happy clients.

She is a proud grandmother to five wonderful children who helps her to keep in touch with her own inner child.

For further information contact her via the Contact Form.

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