This is my own modality which has grown as a result of my using EFT Tapping, NLP (Neuro Linguist Programming), Matrix Reimprinting, Shamanic work and my own natural talents and abilities to see, hear, sense and feel. It works within the higher vibrational states away from the earthly plain.

It is based on the understanding that the subconscious thinks and represents situations as images.  These images may be logical or illogical, but either way the job of the subconscious is to keep you safe, albeit that it may be holding you back from releasing your past or achieving your dreams or goals.

Dimensional Journeying came about as a result of working with a client where I discovered that I could see the exact image she was seeing, but from another angle. As I looked around the image, I could see other things which I directed her to, this gave her even greater insights that, in my experience, could not be gained from any other modality I had ever used.

This builds even further on Tapping, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting where the images are not necessarily people or situations, but a symbolic representation of how your subconscious what’s to present this to you.  While you are in this imaginary state, I am guiding you and helping to re-balance your body to a more resourceful energy vibration.

While being in this state with you I can make reference to what I see, hear, sense or know, which can be from your personal spirit guides, animals or other realms.  I make only suggestions, it is up to you to do the discovering and find the enlightenment.  Think of me like your co-pilot as you embark on your multi-dimensional journey.

This can be good for working with events you would rather not re-visit, but you know are there, or those times where no event appears to be relevant.  As an example, a client had an issue with confidence but could not associate any event which contributed to it, his subconscious represented it as being in a rough wild grassy field, at which point his native Indian guide appeared to me, and we took it from there.

What happens in a session?

These sessions can be conducted in a seated or laying position and are always fully clothed,

We would need to determine your intention for what you would like to clarify or clear, for example, more confidence, to feel happy, a better connection to source.

Prior to beginning we would rate the intensity in whichever way is appropriate for you to get a starting point for evaluation and repeat after the session to determine any successes.

I would than ask you, or make suggestions of, how your situation may be represented. I energetically align with that and the journey begins.

I will repeatedly strike and place a tuning fork in your energy field, which to start can be numerous feet away from the body, this will pick up areas of stagnant energy that are related to your intention, where I will sense the approximate age the energy disturbance was created and often receive an indication of what may have happened, which I will tell you about.  No more information is needed than this as your acknowledgement creates a link to the energy disturbance which allows it to be cleared.

The tuning fork will only be moved closer to your physical body when the energy has been cleared. I will then pick up on the next energy disturbance until it reaches your physical body.

Initially this is working as a partnership, but at the end it can generate a very deep, somewhat meditative state, which I always monitor and guide.  

As session last for approximately 1 hour and I ensure that you leave being fully present and grounded in your physical body.

Each session and person is totally unique and I am intuitively guided on what is needed, therefore some differences may occur such as there may be the need to do some physical EFT Tapping or bring in a singing bowl or a drum.

Costs and how to book

I prefer the term investment as you are making a huge investment in your own health and wellbeing.

On a per individual session, non-member basis, the investment is $85 (NZD) for a single session of between 1 – 1.25 hours. Members receive a discount on all pricing.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

You can book by making contact with me via my contact form, my mobile number or social media.

This is by in-person only at this stage.


What if I am not visual and can’t imagine anything?

That is not important as it could also be a sensation in your body, or I can tell you what I am seeing.

How soon can I notice the results?

Changes can be immediate, or it could take a few days to assimilate back into your physical body, be kind to yourself during this time.

Does this go back to past life or ancestral links

Yes, it can. Although I start a few feet away from the body, I ask the tuning fork to pick up the earliest and most important event that contributed to the issue, which has been previous lifetimes and, so far, fourth generation ancestors.  This can then form the starting point for the journey.

Is this like a guided meditation?

I can see where you may think that, and it is similar in a way, except that it is completely reflective of your own situation and that which is causing a disturbance in your energy field and I can 100% join you in this image and show you things of importance.

Can this work with children?

That depends on their age. I have worked with teenagers in this way.  If it was a younger child, the parent would need to be present and the child would need to be able to lay still.  The session would be shorter for younger children.

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