About Deep Relaxation and De-Stress

Frequency, Vibration and Sound sessions encourage you to move into a deep state of relaxation to generate the space that can promote healing on many levels. Many of the instruments used specifically target the central nervous system, including treating the vegas nerve.

This treatment consists of using tuning forks on and off the body, along with singing bowls or other instruments as needed. The frequency, sound and vibration assists in clearing blockages in your energy body or can be targeted for physical symptoms such as pain.

Schumann resonance tuning forks, aligned with the frequency of our Earth, are used to bring you back fully grounded, which further encourages your mind to naturally harmonise and de-stress.

What Happens In An Appointment?

You will be fully clothed and asked to lay on a comfortable massage table, usually on your back, where the instruments will be played around and over your body.

What Do Clients Usually Experience?

Most drift off into a blissful state with reports of feeling tingling from the vibrations. Some can experiences changes in energy from hot to cold, or vice versa. The most common feedback we receive is in promoting restful sleep.

Costs And How To Book

The appointments are for one hour.

Cost: $85

Concessions cards are available in a block of three at $215 (saving $40). These appointments are to be used within three months.

Payment can be made by cash or EFTPOS.

You can make an appointment online using this link Book Online, or reach us on 021 800 293 or via our Contact Form.

For your own comfort, please dress is loose, comfortable clothing and avoid strong perfumes where possible.

DISCLAIMER – The services are based on vibrational sound healing and are not to be considered medicinal treatments. They do not attempt to diagnose and should be considered complementary to other traditional treatments of disease or illness provided by your GP or licensed medicinal
practitioner. Always consult your GP for all any medical concerns or questions.

Why Book With Debby

Debby has over 20 years experience and is continually evolving and expanding her knowledge, often being at the leading edge of new technology or methodology.   She treats you as the whole person, not just the condition, and can offer other considerations to include physical, mental, emotional, nutritional or spiritual aspects.

She offers a free, absolutely no-obligation chat, to not only determine which treatment may be right for you, but more importantly to find out if she is the right practitioner for you.

Debby has a caring and compassionate nature and shows full respect for your own beliefs, with the ability to offer gentle insights where needed.  

For further information call or text us on 021800293 or use our Contact Form. 

To make a booking online, use the Book Now button below.

She aims to respond within 48 hours.

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