Personal Sound Journey

Give yourself permission to relax and unwind on a comfortable treatment table and allow the sound, vibration and frequencies to wash over you to calm your nervous system and relax your conscious and subconscious mind.

A journey is where your subconscious mind can show you images of animals, people, places or colours.  Answers can pop into your mind as inspiration for clarity and life direction. You may experience a sense of deep-connection and your body could physically vibrate or tingle.

You may experience all or none of these things, and just have the benefit of lying still while being bathed in harmonious healing sounds and vibrations, within a deeply relaxed state.

The journey can be guided or not guided.  Guided means that softly spoken instructions will guide you into, and out of, a safe and protected space.  Not guided means that you allow your heart and mind to show you what you need to know at this time.

A variety of powerful instruments are used during these sessions: –

  • Pure crystal singing bowls
  • Antique Tibetan singing bowls
  • Native American inspired drum
  • Crystal pyramids
  • Tuning forks

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Chakra Balance

Your body has seven major chakras or energy centres that range from the base of the spine to the top of your head. The colours of these chakras are the same as those of the rainbow, and range from red at the base to purple at the top with green being our heart centre.

With everyday life, these energy centres can become blocked and lose energy, when this happens it can create a state of dis-harmony resulting in repetitive worrying thoughts, feeling overly emotional, tired, angry or unmotivated.

Balancing, aligning and cleansing the chakras can create a feeling of being more centred and grounded, having more energy, clearer thoughts and aid a more restful sleep.


What happens in an appointment?

You will remain fully clothed and asked to lay on a comfortable treatment table. Instruments will be played around and over your body. For the chakra balance, singing bowls and tuning forks will be played that match the frequencies known to activate and balance these.

What do people usually experience?

Most people go into the Alpha/meditative mind state which send signals to the body to let go, giving it permission to begin to initiate its own inner healing capability.

Is prior knowledge needed of the chakras or journeying?

No, no prior knowledge is needed.

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Costs And How To Book

Appointment times are for one hour.

Cost: $85

Payment can be by cash or EFTPOS.

Make an appointment online using this link Book Online, or reach us on 021800293 or via our Contact Form.

For your own comfort, please dress is loose, comfortable clothing, and avoid strong perfumes where possible.

DISCLAIMER – These services are based on vibration & sound treatments. They do not attempt to diagnose and should be considered complementary to treatments provided by your GP or licensed medical practitioner.   Always consult your GP for all medical concerns or questions.

Why Book With Debby

Debby’s mission is to rebalance your body in becoming pain free, de-stressed and help you to feel better about yourself; and treats you as a whole individual person, not just the condition.  

Her background is as an IT Data and Business Analyst, which means that she always looks for the science to support her treatments.  She is both very grounded and very aware of how energy & vibration affects the world around us. 

Her experience and qualifications includes, but is not limited to, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-Tapping), Diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate in Nutrition, Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function, Musco-Skeletal Anatomy, and Vibration Fascia Release Techniques (VFRT). See Qualifications & Memberships for a full list of Debby’s experience.

Debby has a caring and compassionate nature, being gifted in helping to bring about swift personal transformation, supported by testimonials from many happy clients.

She is a proud grandmother to five wonderful children who helps her to keep in touch with her own inner child.

For further information contact her via the Contact Form.

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