Personal Sound Journey

Relax on a comfortable treatment table and allow a personal sound journey experience to calm your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing it the freedom to explore other realms or possibilities.

This session can be harnessed for healing, clarity of mind, relaxation or whatever you set your intention for.

A variety of powerful instruments are used to help switch of your busy mind and guide you into a safe state of deep relaxation.

  • Pure crystal singing bowls
  • Antique Tibetan singing bowls
  • Native American inspired drum
  • Crystal pyramids
  • Tuning forks

Grounding and guidance are provided at the start and end of your personal sound journey, which is tailored to your own needs, and we always make sure that you are fully grounded before leaving.

If required, an oracle card can be drawn prior to your journey to provide you with a method to gain deeper insights or connections.

It is recommended that you bring a pen and paper as you may wish to write down your experience after your session.

Does everyone go on a journey? There is no yes or no answer to this question, as each journey is personal and unique. Some clients have seen colours, met spirit animals, or have felt as if they travel to a beautiful, peaceful location. Some clients go on an inner journey and feel a deep sense of
peace and relaxation.

Cost: One hour $85 (NZD).

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Chakra Balance And Alignment

Your body has seven major chakras or energy centres from the base of the spine to the top of your head. The colours of the chakras are the same as those of the rainbow and the light spectrum, and range from red at the base, to purple at the top of the head.

During times of stress, worry, or dis-ease, these energy centres can become blocked or lose energy, which can cause a range of effects in the body.

To balance and align the chakras, vibrational energy from singing bowls, tuning forks, and specific crystals, are focused directly into each chakra, where the continuous vibrations cleanse and restore.

Clients report feeling more centred and grounded, having more energy, clearer thoughts, and more restful sleep.

What Happens In An Appointment?

You will remain fully clothed and asked to lay on a comfortable treatment table, usually on your back. The instruments will be played around you and over your body. For the chakra balance, singing bowls and tuning forks will be played to match to frequencies known to activate and balance these.

What Do Clients Usually Experience?

Most clients reach a deep meditative state with a wide range of experiences. A guided visualisation can be used at the beginning and end of the Personal Sound Journey. In both treatments the aim is for the body to relax and let go, to initiate its own inner healing.

No knowledge is needed of the chakras or journeying.

Costs And How To Book

Appointments are for one hour.

Cost: $85

Concessions cards are available in a block of three at $215 (saving $40).

These appointments are to be used within three months.

Payment can be made by cash or EFTPOS.

You can make an appointment online using this link Book Online, or reach us on 021800293 or via our Contact Form.

For your own comfort, please dress is loose, comfortable clothing, and avoid strong perfumes where possible. Appointments are for one hour

DISCLAIMER – The services are based on vibration & sound treatments and are not to be considered medicinal treatments. They do not attempt to diagnose and should be considered complementary to other traditional treatments of disease or illness provided by your GP or licensed medicinal
practitioner. Always consult your GP for all any medical concerns or questions.

Why Book With Debby

Debby has over 20 years experience and is continually evolving and expanding her knowledge, often being at the leading edge of new technology or methodology.   She treats you as the whole person, not just the condition, and can offer other considerations to include physical, mental, emotional, nutritional or spiritual aspects.

She offers a free, absolutely no-obligation chat, to not only determine which treatment may be right for you, but more importantly to find out if she is the right practitioner for you.

Debby has a caring and compassionate nature and shows full respect for your own beliefs, with the ability to offer gentle insights where needed.  

For further information call or text us on 021800293 or use our Contact Form. 

To make a booking online, use the Book Now button below.

She aims to respond within 48 hours.

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