How Limiting Beliefs are Created

During the first 6 years of our life everything we see and hear we believe to be 100% accurate, after all, we have no life experiences to tell us otherwise.

Each time we hear or see something a brick is laid in our wall of limiting beliefs where we tell ourselves things like:

  • People are out to get me
  • I’m not good enough
  • I must be perfect to be loved
  • The world is dangerous
  • You can’t trust people
  • Life’s not fair

We repeat this words to ourselves each time a life events remind us of it, so so we stack another brick on top to cement what we already believe we know. The more we say negative things to ourselves, the higher and wider the wall. The more we say the same thing, the more bricks we have in our wall to remind us of it, and eventually it becomes our identity, our story of who we are and where we come from.

After a while our wall of self limiting beliefs stops us from moving forward in relationships, jobs, hobbies, or any part of life, so much so that we can become anxious or depressed or we fail to take chances or see the beauty in life as our wall is always protecting us from going any further. Over the years this wall can become so high and wide that our body and mind may begin to weaken or give up as it believes that there is no way through it, round it or over it.

The irony is that for the majority of people, we do not realise this wall is even there, all we know is that we are afraid or anxious, but every now and again another life event will lay another brick, reminding us of how ‘not good enough’ we think we are.

How can you identify what’s in your wall?

Take a look at what is not working in your life?

  • Do you have enough money coming in?
  • Are you in healthy, positive relationships?
  • Are you afraid to do things for fear of failure?
  • Do you worry about what others may think or say?

Each one of these things will be a brick in your wall of limiting beliefs.

How can you get round, through or over the wall?

Identifying some of the brick in your wall is the first step to being able to clear them.

The second is to be able to remove some of the bricks, or change the wording to more positive messages from “I can’t do it” to “I can do it”.

Affirmations are excellent, but often it is like shouting words at the brick wall and expecting them to stick, unless you clear the events that created the beliefs, the words you shout are unlikely to have a long lasting effect.

You could pretend the wall is not there and feel the fear and do it anyway. That is an option that some people adopt, however, some of these bricks are deeply cemented and attached to health issues, and ramming the wall does not take away the physiological effect it has had on the body or mind.

One of the best and permanent ways to naturally dissolve the words on your wall and allow your subconscious to replace them with positive words is by using EFT, a meridian energy technique known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping.

EFT can very often quickly help you to identify what is blocking your success to resolve the underlying issue and naturally change the wording to allow you to experience and achieve all life has to offer, so that you can confidently get that new job, ask that person on a date, get that sale and so much more…

Our limiting beliefs are the major controller of our lives and until these are changed there will always be something holding you back. How different could life be if you removed that limiting belief from your wall and allowed yourself to confidently move forward in life and discover the real you?

Debby is a Master EFT Practitioner and has trained many people on how to tap on themselves for themselves to remove their limiting beliefs.

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