Tapping to be Happy $10/pp (online event)

ONLINE ZOOM, Worldwide

Join us in this monthly EVENING group event where we use TAPPING, as used in EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to reduce or change how you feel about a specific event or situation, and then install "The Happys" to help you feel better about it.

Free – $10.00

8/8 Lions Gate Sound Healing Meditation (Online) $8.80/p.person

ONLINE ZOOM, Worldwide

Join us Online for a powerful Sound Healing Meditation as we connect with the 8/8 Lions Gate portal, connecting with higher realms to activate light codes and receive information from higher source. Bringing this information into our own personal star system (our bodies) and our own great central sun (our heart space). In a safe, loving environment.

Free – $8.80

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