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* Foundational Tapping Workshop (as used in EFT) (in person) *

Saturday 15th June

This powerful one day workshop will teach you one the THE best self-help tools in the world, and empower you with skills for life to build emotional resilience to change how you feel, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) uses Tapping, it is not EFT – they are very different tools.   Spaces are limited to 6 people only – Booking is Essential. 

* Manifesting Weekend Workshop (in person) *

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July

Manifesting is easy! Learn the secret to successfully manifesting in this weekend using a proven method that I have personally used over and over, along with my secret formula that gets through the back-door of your subconscious mind to allow it to manifest.  Spaces are limited to 6 people only – Booking is Essential

To find out more and to register and pay, click on the event below. 

Raise Your Vibration Group Sound Healing (monthly online)

Evening sessions.  This will cover one subject each month such as Expectation, Resentment, Worry, Jealous and turn it around to change your vibrational response to it using sound healing and more. 

Meditation of Love for our Earth Mother *FREE* (monthly online)

Our Earth Mother needs out help!  Embark on a journey of love and unity with us, and step into a transformative experience as we collectively unite in a guided meditation to shower our beloved Mother Earth with love and healing energy. Please email us if you wish to attend.

Transformational Coaching (monthly online)

Join us as a group each month to explore and learn from various transformational topics such as:-

* Finding your purpose

* Setting clear intentions

* Identifying limiting beliefs,  and much more… 
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