Welcome to Soul Friends

Making Connections With Your Tribe. Being spiritually minded and seeing the world differently than others can make it hard finding like minded souls to connect, chat or hang out with.

This group aims to connect us who see the world a little differently by meeting up on the last Friday of each month at Ocean Road Community Centre, 45 Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach at 7.30pm.

Topics could include life as energy and vibration, alternative health and healing, life after death and all of those things that light our imagination and awaken our soul.

Guest Speakers

There will be a new powerful guest speaker on a different topic each month and we will open with some form of meditation and close with a heart-based ceremony.

It is a place where everything is approached with an open mind and zero judgement, as numerous spiritual or health topic are discussed with many view points to allow you to make up your own mind.

There will be FREE healing, FREE refreshments and a medium will be available for readings at their own charge.

Access To A Spiritual Lending Library

A free spiritual lending library will be available to help broaden and awaken your soul and mind where you can loan a book or CD for up to one month.


Other events will be organised outside of the regular monthly connections, such as a movie night, a trip to a special location, workshops or other delights as they come up.

“It Is Lovely To Meet You Again Soul Friend”

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