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Take much needed time out for yourself and receive the benefits of a Vibrational Sound Bath with both Shamanic & Angelic with our unique blend of the crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, hand-made native American drums, flutes, rattles, the voice and much more, to surround you in their vibrations and take you on your own personal inner journey of relaxation, insights, clarification or healing, as our aim is to create the environment for your to receive your intention.

What is Vibrational Sound?

Our human body is a vibrational being whose cells either resonate as ‘in tune’ or ‘out of tune’, this can put the body in a state of dis-ease & stress or good health & happiness. As the vibrations wash over you, their resonance reaches the cells directly, and all spaces in-between, to allow it the opportunity to re-calibrate itself.

What Can You Expect?

Each person has a different experience and there is no guarantee of anything happening, however, many have reported the following:

* Total calm & relaxation
* Going on conscious altering journeys
* Feeling vibrant & alive
* A reduction in pain or discomfort
* Spontaneous healing
* Spiritual experiences

What You Need To Do or Bring?

Wear something comfortable. We provide some mats and blankets but please do bring your own, and a pillow, if needed.  You are welcome to lay down or sit up, and some chairs are available if you prefer not to sit on the floor.

Who is This For?

This is an adult event, however, if you child is aged 12+ and can lay still for the duration of the sound bath, they may attend at the standard price.

Prior to attending – please consult your doctor if: 

* You have a heart pacemaker or similar, or
* You are in the early stages (12 weeks) of pregnancy, although the vibrations wash over the body and are not applied directly, which allows the mother to relax.

About Us

Debby is a trained crystal therapist and has worked with vibrational frequencies in many forms for over 15 years. Both Debby & Ron are trained in Shamanic work.  Click here to learn more about Debby

How Much?

These events are offer on an Energy Exchange basis of $10.
The reasons its so low is because our mission is to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity.

Do I Need To Register?

No, just turn up.


We have many that regularly travel from Palmerston North, the Wairarapa and other places to attend our sound baths in all our locations.

We have received so many testimonials it’s impossible to put them all here, however, the most common feedback is that people: –

  • Feel extremely and deeply relaxed
  • Sleep amazingly well
  • Arrive with pain and leave without it
  • Experience visions or go on journeys
  • See amazing colours

Get in touch!

Please contact me should you have any other questions. We look forward to playing for you and thank you for your part in the conscious awaking of humanity.