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Take much needed time out for yourself and receive the benefits of a Shamanic & Angelic Sound Journey with our unique blend of crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, hand-made native American drums, flutes, rattles and much more.  Allow the sound and vibration to surround you and take you on your own personal inner journey of relaxation, insights, clarification or healing. 

What is a Shamanic & Angelic Journey?

Journeying has long been considered a powerful way to provide clarity and insights to conditions or situations. As the sound of the instruments takes you into a deeper relaxed state, you may find yourself in the ‘between dreaming’ state and experience random thoughts, colours, images or sensations relating to your pre-set intention.

What Can You Expect?

Each person has a totally different experience and there is no guarantee of anything happening, however, many have reported the following:

* Total calm & relaxation
* Going on conscious altering journeys
* Feeling vibrant & alive
* A reduction in pain or discomfort
* Spontaneous healing
* Spiritual experiences

What You Need To Do or Bring?

Wear something comfortable. We provide some mats and blankets but please do bring your own, and a pillow, if needed.  You are welcome to lay down or sit up; some chairs are available if you prefer not to sit on the floor.

Who is This For?

This is an adult event, although older children aged 12+ are welcome if they are able to lay quietly for the duration of the event.

Prior to Attending – Please Consult Your Doctor If: 

* You have a heart pacemaker or similar, or
* You are in the early stages (12 weeks) of pregnancy, although the vibrations wash over the body and are not applied directly, which allows the mother to relax.

About Us

Debby & Ron have hosted many hundreds of sound journeys, with numerous invitations to play for private events and retreats and have created a bespoke Yin Yoga session to accompany the posture and movement of the chakras during a Yin Yoga session.  Debby is a sound healing practitioner and trained crystal therapist, and has worked with frequencies in many forms for over 15 years. Debby & Ron are both trained in Shamanic work.  Click here to learn more about Debby

How Much?

As these events are about helping to raise your personal vibration and that of consciousness and humanity, they are offered at a very affordable rate of $10 per person by cash on the evening.

Do I Need To Register?

You may RSVP below. In doing so it does not commit you to attending. You are also welcome to turn up on the night.


We have many that regularly travel from afar to attend our events, and have received hundreds of testimonials, which is impossible to list them all here, however, the most common feedback is that people: –

  • Feel extremely and deeply relaxed
  • Sleep amazingly well
  • Arrive with pain and leave without it
  • Experience conscious altering journeys
  • See amazing colours
  • Meet spiritual mentors

Get in Touch

Please contact us should you have any other questions. We look forward to playing for you and honour you for nurturing yourself and playing your part in raising your personal vibration and that of the Conscious Awaking of Humanity.