Chronic Pain – the Invisible Illness

Chronic pain is more of an invisible condition as the sufferers spend their life dosed up on pharmaceutical medicine, pretending to be well, just to function on a daily basis and each and every day becomes the same routine for them.

When someone tells you they are in chronic pain, the first response is often “you don’t seem in pain”, but when the medication wears off – that’s an entirely different story.

The medical establishment can do nothing for this mystery pain as, more often than not, the cause cannot be identified, and the sufferer is put in the too hard box, as all MRI, CT scans, Xrays, blood tests, and more, all come back normal.

What is causing it 

The most likely cause of chronic pain is inflammation/fluid within the fascia, your connective tissue that holds you together. This should glide and flow freely, but an initial injury, infection or stressful condition that could have happened many years ago, and you maynot even remember, caused your fascia to tense and knot, therafter a cascade effect happened, creating more tension and knotting as you compensate your sitting, sleeping or walking pattern, and after a while, chronic pain sets in.

Fascial restrictions are unable to  be identified with MRI, CT scans, Xrays etc, which is why it is not picked up. However, it is identified with Ultrasound which is not usually considered an option, and even then the diagnosis will be labelled as fluid build up or inflammation, with medication given to suit, as the medical community does not know how to treat this.

I’m here to tell you that there is another way – there is something that can help you.

Until very recently, the fascia was discarded as useless, and looked at only through a microscope after it had dried. The Fascia Research Society are finding a completely different story when looking at live fascia and how it effects every part of our body from organs to our emotions.

How can it be helped?

With the use of tuning forks and VFRT (vibrational fascia release techniques) it has been discovered that the presence of both stretch & vibration can unwind the fascia, release the inflammation and restore your body back to its natural pain-free state.

I have seen this for myself with the many clients I have worked with who are saying that VFRT is the only thing that has helped them.

I need to tell you that you do not need to live with the pain anymore and that you can get your life back. Yes, for some, it may take a little while, but months not years, but it, more than likely can be undone with regular treatments and perhaps a change in lifestyle.

Contact me to learn more, or to make an appointment to try this for yourself, the only thing you have to lose is your pain.