Enlightenment – What is it and how can you get it?

The talk on the street is that we are coming into the age of enlightenment; Great! but what exactly does that mean and how can you get it?

Does it mean that you have to sit cross legged on the top of a hill during a full moon and chant? Or do you need to develop your telepathic or telekinesis skills? or simply replace your 60 watt light bulb with a 100 watt?

Some may say yes to some of that and others may tell you that it’s about finding your heart within yourself and learning how to recognise the needs of others.

There are a few ways in achieving enlightenment and none of it has anything to do with religion of any kind.  Compassion is one of them and it all starts with yourself, recognising, and accepting, your own faults and failings with the wisdom and understanding that had it not have been for those things you would not be where you are today, both the good and not so good of it.

Your life path up to this point has led you to right now, why? because that’s exactly where you are supposed to be with the wisdom and knowledge you have today, you can’t be anywhere else because you have not developed the wisdom and knowledge to be there, but the chances are that you look back on your life wishing things could have been different – stop – having that ball and chain to your ankle only holds you back and slows you down, you and only you hold the key and are free to remove your shackles at any time.

Enlightenment is about you and learning to let go and find self-acceptance and become free from your emotional burdens and limiting beliefs; accepting what is and what has been and being totally non-judgemental of your fellow human brother or sister for the journey they have taken themselves on.

The motto of enlightenment is said to be Sapere aude! which means Dare to be Wise!  And is about developing an inner wisdom and ‘knowing’ and looking for the learning from each life situation, which is always there.

Part of my own journey is that my father walked out when I was just one year old and left my mother with seven school age children, and with $0.01 maintenance payment per year we lived a poor life, however, enlightenment has shown me that as a result of this I have developed compassion for others in less fortunate positions, and have since learned that my father had aggressive tendencies, so I now feel that we, my brothers and sisters, had a lucky escape.  I have also discovered that his path was fraught with trauma and neglect and although I may not condone his behaviour I can release it from my body and let it go, with love.  I am now thankful for what he did because my life would have been so very different otherwise.

The other part of obtaining enlightenment is looking beyond what your eyes see and your ears hear and lifting the veil on the hundreds and thousands of years of how we have been controlled, guided, or misguided to believe certain things and are still, today, being told untruths in public by the mainstream media and many other areas.  We are in a time where those that speak their truths are put down and ridiculed, not only in the media but by us, as individuals. Where we do not understand or believe, we resort to ridicule.

For example, we have been duped to believe that taking vitamins and minerals do us little to no good, in fact taking them they could do us harm, so we are told over and over.  Consider this; the human body is by nature made up of vitamins and minerals, our body makes these substances 24/7 so why would taking vitamins and minerals be bad for us?  Would you put sodas in your car rather than petrol? highly unlikely, and if you did it would fail, yet day in, day out we are taking man made pills to allegedly make us well when what we need is the correct dose of vitamins and minerals either naturally from the earth’s store or in quality supplements.

To me, one of the most important ways we have been deceived, which has led to our lack of enlightenment, is to think that the body, mind and spirit are totally separate from one another and that science and spirituality are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  This could not be further from the truth as our thoughts and emotions strongly reflect in our body in every way and can, and do, cause pain, sickness and illness.

If you can find that stillness in your mind, your body will follow.  If you can release your past and accept yourself for who and where you are right now and learn to lift the veil to look beyond what is being presented to you and ‘Dare to be Wise’, you will, indeed, be on the path to enlightenment.

About Debby Emeny (Guddee)

Having been bullied through childhood, in the workplace and in relationships, Debby’s passion is to empower you to create confidence and self-esteem and help you achieve your goals by identifying and removing limiting beliefs which block your success.

Based in New Zealand, Debby is qualified in adult teaching, NLP, is a certified Master EFT Trainer and Matrix-Reimprinting Practitioner.  She is also a children’s Heart-Math educator, an intuitive healer and a powerful public speaker.

She is a children’s author with her first book, My Favorite Hugs being voted one of 12 most notable children’s books of 2013 by Shelf Unbound.  Her latest book, Discover the Magic of EFT for Bullying which helps children recover from the emotional effects of bullying to gain confidence and self-esteem, was voted one of the best instructional books of 2014.,

She is mother to one daughter and a devoted grandmother that keeps her forever young.

Debby works with clients in person and via Skype.

Discover more about Debby and her work at www.dev.free-yourself.co